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A solution to the two-person implementation problem

We propose strike mechanisms as a solution to the classical problem of Hurwicz and Schmeidler (1978) and Maskin (1999) according to which, in two-person societies, no Pareto efficient rule is Nash-imp…

Jean-François Laslier, Matias Nunez, M Remzi Sanver

Journal of Economic Theory, 2021


Variable selection, monotone likelihood ratio and group sparsity

In the pivotal variable selection problem, we derive the exact nonasymptotic minimax selector over the class of all s-sparse vectors, which is also the Bayes selector with respect to the uniform prior...

Cristina Butucea, Enno Mammen, Mohamed Ndaoud, Alexandre B. Tsybakov

Annals of Statistics, vol. 51, iss. n. 1, p. 312–333, 2023


Gender and sex bias in COVID-19 epidemiological data through the lens of causality

Díaz-Rodríguez N,Binkyt? RR,Bakkali W,Bookseller S,Tubaro P,Bacevi?ius A,Zhioua S,Chatila R

Information Processing & Management, 2023


An alternative to synthetic control for models with many covariates under sparsity

Marianne Bléhaut, Xavier D'Haultfoeuille, Jérémy L'Hour, Alexandre B. Tsybakov

Foundations of Modern Statistics, Festschrift in Honor of Vladimir Spokoiny, 2023