CREST researchers benefit from the competitive grants of leading international and national public agencies, among which the European Research Council (ERC) and the French National Agency of Research (ANR):

FIRMNET – ERC Advanced Grant “Firms and Their Networks” led by Francis Kramarz

TRADENET – ERC Starting Grant “Firm-to-Firm Trade Networks” led by Isabelle Méjean

WINnERS/ARISE – ClimateKIC Grant “Agriculture Resilient, Inclusive, and Sustainable Enterprise” led by Pierre Picard

ADDS – ANR Grant “Algorithms for Multi-Dimensional Data via Sketches” led by Victor-Emmanuel Brunel

B3DCMB – ANR Grant “Big Bang from Big Data (of the cosmic microwave background)” led by Nicolas Chopin

BOLD – ANR Grant “Beyond Online Learning for better Decision making” led by Vianney Perchet

EPIVASCAGE – ANR Grant “EPIdemiology of VASCular AGEing” with Nicolas Chopin

FIRE – ANR Grant “FInancial and REal interdependencies: volatility, international openness and economic policies” led by Stéphane Auray

HIDITSA – ANR Grant “High-Dimensional Time Series Analysis” led by Cristina Butucea

LICODYN – ANR Grant “Trade Liberalization and Exporter Dynamics” led by Gregory Corcos

LMCM – ANR Grant “Labour Market Consequences of Motherhood” led by Ivaylo Petev and Sander Wagner

MEDIALEX – ANR Grant “A Computational Perspective on Influence between Legislative and Media Agendas” with Etienne Ollion

MIDDLECLASS – ANR Grant “Middle Classes, Taxation and Democracy in a Globalized World” led by Pierre Boyer

MLEFORRISK – ANR Grant “Machine Learning and Econometrics for Risk Measurement in Finance” with Jean-Michel Zakoian

MOBILISE – ANR Grant “Determinants of ‘Mobilisation’ at Home and Abroad: Analysing the Micro-Foundations of Out-Migration & Mass Protest” led by Sorana Toma and Ivaylo Petev

MOMBAY – ANR Grant “Moment Conditions Models and Bayesian Inference for Policy Evaluation” with Anna Simoni

OTELO – ANR Grant “On Treatment Effects estimation using LOngitudinal data” led by Xavier D’Haultfoeuille

STIS – ANR Grant “Social Transformation in South African Science and Innovation” led by Jacques Mairesse

SECRAET – ADEME Grant “Scenario-based Climate Risk Analysis for Energy Transition” led by Peter Tankov

TailRisk – AXA Grant “Tail risk management and mitigation using innovative extreme value techniques” led by Gilles Stupfler

TRAXEV – ANR Grant “Tax reforms and revolts in democracies” led by Pierre Boyer