PhD Scholarships

The Groupe des Ecoles Nationales d’Economie et Statistique (GENES) is offering PhD scholarships for its 3-years PhD program. They correspond to a gross monthly payment of 2368,70€ (including complementary activities, i.e. 64 hours of teaching).

Students will conduct their research within CREST (Center for Research in Economics and Statistics), under the supervision of an ENSAE (resp. ENSAI) professor for those applying in Paris (resp. in Rennes) and will be enrolled in our doctoral program.

ENSAE-ENSAI students are particularly encouraged to apply.

All topics listed below are eligible:

  • – Economics
  • – Finance-Actuarial Science
  • – Statistics
  • – Sociology

ECONOMICS : Behavioral Economics, Labour Economics, Econometrics Theory, Economics of Education, Urban Economics, Economics of Development, Environment, Macroeconomics, Growth Theory, Economic Fluctuations, International Economics, Monetary Economics, Public Economics, Theories of Employment and Unemployment, Industrial Organization, Contract Theory, Game Theory, Corporate Finance, Regulatory Economics, Competition Policy, Innovation Theory, Economic Policy Analysis, Randomized Experiments.

FINANCE: Financial Econometrics, Financial Time Series, Econometrics of Insurance, Risk and Portfolio Managements, Regulation, Ratings and Credit Scoring, Corporate Risk, Longevity Risk and Pension Funds, Market Finance, Role of Intermediaries, Microstructure, High Frequency Data, Systemic Risk, Speculative Bubbles, Monte-Carlo Methods, Analysis of Web Data, Web Insurance, Dynamic Copulas, Green Finance, Machine Learning in Finance and Insurance, Emerging Risks, Cyber risk.

STATISTICS: High-Dimensional Statistics, Statistical Learning, Online Learning, Bayesian Statistics and Simulation Methods, Nonparametric Statistics, Robustness, Privacy, Optimal Transport, Geometric and Topological Inference, Econometrics Theory.

SOCIOLOGY: Social mobility and Inequality; Demography, Gender and the Family; Consumption and Spending; Lifestyles and Cultural Practices; Environmental Attitudes and Actions; Social Networks; Economic Sociology; Migration and Immigration; Health Inequalities; Political Practices; Computational Social Sciences.

The applications must be submitted before May 14, 2023 to:

Mrs TRAORE Fanda

Mandatory documents are :

The selection among the applicants can include an interview.