A menagerie of rankings: a look in RePEc’s factory

This paper provides an overview of RePEc a digital platform for the dissemination of research in economics. Specifically, the focus is on RePEc’s main author ranking, which aggregates 36 different r ...

Linnemer Laurent

Scientometrics, Volume 129, Issue 1, Pages 321 - 372, January 2024, 2024


Estimation of regional and at-site quantiles of extreme winds under flood index procedure

Extreme winds are becoming more common among environmental events with the most catastrophic societal consequences. A regional frequency analysis of Daily Annual Maximum Wind Speed (DAMWS) is necessar ...

Ishfaq Ahmad, Touqeer Ahmad, Usman Shahzad, Muhammad Athar Ameer, Walid Emam, Yusra Tashkandyc, Zanib Badar

Heliyon, Open Access, Volume 10, Issue 115, January 2024, Article number e23388, 2024


Green industrial policy, information asymmetry, and repayable advance

The energy transition requires the deployment of riskyresearch and development programs, most of whichare partially financed by public funding. Recentrecovery plans, associated with the COVID‐ ...

Meunier Guy, Poissard Jean-Pierre

Journal of Public Economic Theory, Open Access, Volume 26, Issue 1, February 2024, Article number e12668, 2024


Tail inverse regression: Dimension reduction for prediction of extremes

We consider the problem of supervised dimension reduction with a particular focus on extreme values of the target Y ∈ R to be explained by a covariate vector X ∈ Rp. The general purpose is to defi ...

Aghbalou Anass, Portier François, Sabourin Anne, Zhou Chen

Bernoulli, Volume 30, Issue 1, Pages 503 - 533, 2024


Revisiting speculative hyperinflations in monetary models: A rejoinder

In this note, we present a formal proof of Obstfeld and Rogoff's (1983, 2021) claim that their fractional-currency-backing scheme eliminates the inflationary equilibria in the money-in-utility model. ...

Diba Behzad, Loisel Olivier

Review of Economic Dynamics, 2024


Proxy-analysis of the genetics of cognitive decline in Parkinson’s disease through polygenic scores

Cognitive decline is common in Parkinson’s disease (PD) and its genetic risk factors are not well known to date, besides variants in the GBA and APOE genes. However, variation in complex traits is c ...

Faouzi Johann, Tan Manuela, Casse Fanny, Lesage Suzanne, Tesson Christelle, Brice Alexis, Mangone Graziella, Mariani Louise-Laure, Iwaki Hirotaka, Colliot Olivier, Pihlstrøm Lasse & Corvol Jean-Christophe

Nature Research, 2024