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Financial Incentives and Competitive Pressure: The Case of the Hospital Industry

In the late 2000s, a regulatory reform dramatically strengthened the incentives of French nonprofit (NP) hospitals to attract patients. Exploiting exhaustive data for surgery treatments between 2005 a ...

Chone Philippe ,Wilner Lionel

Journal of the European Economic Association, 2022

Citizens' attitude towards subnational borders: evidence from the merger of French regions

Using the 2016 merger of French regions as a natural experiment, this paper adopts a difference-in-differences identification strategy to recover its causal impact on individual subjective well-being. ...

Wilner Lionel

Journal of Economic Geography, 2022

The petit effect of campaign spending on votes: using political financing reforms to measure spending impacts in multiparty elections

This paper explores the relation between campaign spending and votes, in France, relying on political financing reforms as a quasi-natural experiment to assess if and how spending affects votes, for b ...

François Abel, Visser Michael, Wilner Lionel

Public Choice, 2022

Parcours professionnels, facteurs démographiques et financiers: quels effets sur la réversion?

Certains facteurs démographiques, économiques et financiers sont susceptibles d’avoir de fortes répercussions sur les futures pensions de réversion. Cet article propose d’évaluer, à l’aide ...

Godet Fanny, Lin Vieu, Wilner Lionel

Retraite et société, 2020

A decomposition of labor earnings growth: Recovering Gaussianity?

Recent works have concluded that labor earnings dynamics exhibit non-Gaussian and nonlinear features. We argue in this paper that this finding is mainly due to volatility in working time. Using a non- ...

Pora Pierre, Wilner Lionel

Labour Economics, 2020

The persistence of unhappiness: trapped into despair?

This article investigates whether self-assessed states of unhappiness are persistent. To disentangle state dependence from unobserved heterogeneity in life satisfaction, it estimates a dynamic ordered ...

Wilner Lionel

Oxford Economic Papers, Volume 74, Issue 3, July 2022, Pages 746–772,, 2021

Worker-firm matching and the parenthood pay gap: Evidence from linked employer-employee data

The parenthood pay gap is not fully explained by human capital depreciation and unobserved heterogeneity. Endogenous worker-firm matching could also account for such wage differences. This hypothesis ...

Wilner Lionel

Springer; Volume 29, pages 991–1023, 2016

Do consumers correctly expect price reductions? Testing dynamic behavior

The assumption that consumers are fully rational and hold correct price expectations is demanding in dynamic settings. We claim that it is testable provided that market-level data on prices and purcha ...

Février Philippe, Wilner Lionel

International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol. 44, pages 25-40, Elsevier, 2016

When does the stepping-stone work? Fixed-term contracts versus temporary agency work in changing economic conditions

This paper emphasizes differences among short-term contracts in terms of career prospects. Using French data over the 2002–2010 period, we rely on a dynamic model with fixed effects to disentangle s ...

Givord Pauline, Wilner Lionel

Journal of Applied Econometrics, Vol. 30, No. 5 (August 2015), pp. 787-805 (19 pages), 2015

Constant utility index and inter-month substitution

This note aims at measuring the cost-of-living thanks to a constant utility index derived from monthly nested CES preferences that account for substitution across months. We estimate empirically that ...

Sillard Patrick, Wilner Lionel

Economics Bulletin, AccessEcon, vol. 35(3), pages 1772-1781., 2015