Alicia Bassière wins second place at the Rencontres Technology for Change 2024.

Alicia Bassière is a 4th year PhD student at CREST-Ecole polytechnique in energy economics, specializing mainly in the electricity market, supervised by David Benatia and Peter Tankov.

Alicia is committed to the fight against global warming, focusing on energy as a fundamental component.

For the third edition of the Rencontres Technology for Change, Alicia won second place during the Pitch for Change competition based on the 180-second thesis principle.

Alicia was able to present her thesis work, which involves modeling uncertainty in long-term investments in power generation capacity. In particular, she is working on various sources of uncertainty: electricity consumption, fuel prices, the number of players in the market and renewable production. Alicia uses advanced probabilistic methods for this, which she has popularized as tarot cards.

Beyond her thesis, Alicia is passionate about making economic research and the energy transition accessible to the general public. To this end, she actively participates in events promoting science and collaborates with journalists. In 2022, she joined the TF1 Group’s Committee of Environmental Experts to improve journalists’ understanding of energy and climate issues, occasionally appearing on the French TV channel LCI to share ideas.

As part of her scientific activity, Alicia Bassière is working on several research projects, jointly with her thesis supervisors:

– Moving forward blindly: capacity planning, uncertainty and environmental targets (joint work with David Benatia)

– A mean-field game model of electricity market dynamics (joint work with Peter Tankov and Roxana Dumitrescu).

Discover more of Alicia Bassière on her website: