On September 12 and 13, statisticians from both campuses of CREST (Bruz, ENSAI and Palaiseau, ENSAE) as well as statisticians from INSEE gathered for the Statistical workshop ENSAE-ENSAI at Palaiseau to present their current work. The event was organized by Victor-Emmanuel Brunel, Professor in Statistics ENSAE/CREST and Adrien Saumard, Associate Professor in Statistics ENSAI/CREST.

The primary objective of these meetings between statisticians from ENSAE and ENSAI, as well as statisticians from INSEE, is to enhance exchanges and foster collaborations between the two CREST campuses and INSEE. The event featured participants delivering 30-minute presentations.

Statistical insights from the CREST workshop

On the first day of the workshop, a diverse range of topics in statistics was explored through a series of presentations. Researchers delved into intriguing subjects such as preemption and learning in stochastic scheduling, determinantal sampling designs, and the theoretical perspective and practical solutions related to kernel Stein discrepancy thinning. The day also featured discussions on dynamic modeling of abundance data in ecology, non-parametric intensity estimation of spatial point processes employing random forests, and the complexities of repeated bidding with dynamic value. Additionally, topics like adaptive functional principal components analysis, learning patterns within multivariate functional data, and the concentration of empirical barycenters in non-positively curved metric spaces contributed to a rich and stimulating day of statistical exploration and research.

The second day of the workshop continued to offer a diverse array of statistical topics and insights. Researchers engaged in discussions about scalable and hyper-parameter-free covariate shift adaptation through a conditional sampling approach, contributing to the field’s adaptability and scalability. Another session explored risk-aware bandits with implications for improving crop management practices, bridging statistical methods with real-world applications. The day also delved into “Topics on methodology for official statistics,” providing valuable insights into the methodological considerations for producing authoritative statistical information. In addition, there were discussions on “Learning the smoothness of weakly dependent functional time series,” a crucial topic in understanding data patterns. Lastly, the finite-sample performance of the maximum likelihood estimator in logistic regression was explored, shedding light on the practical applications of statistical techniques in this context. The second day continued to enrich the workshop with a broad spectrum of statistical research and its real-world implications.

CREST: a collaboration between Bruz (ENSAI) and Palaiseau (ENSAE Paris) campuses

The recent statistics workshop held at ENSAE Paris exemplified the collaborative spirit between our campuses in Bruz at ENSAI and Palaiseau. This event provided researchers from both locations with a unique opportunity to connect, share ideas, and contribute to the advancement of statistical research. It underscored the enduring commitment to knowledge exchange and academic synergy that characterizes the partnership between our two campuses.