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CANCELLED : Antonio CASILLI (Telecom Paris) et Paola TUBARO (CNRS, LRI, CMH) – "The social capital of platform workers: lessons from the DiPLab project"

March 11, 2020 @ 12:15 pm - 1:30 pm

The Sociology Seminar:

Time: 12:15 pm – 13:30 pm
Date: 11th of March 2020 Exceptionally Wednesday
Place: Room 3105, ENSAE.
Antonio CASILLI (Telecom Paris) et Paola TUBARO (CNRS, LRI, CMH) “The social capital of platform workers: lessons from the DiPLab project
Abstract : Today’s smart solutions, computer vision technologies, and virtual assistants are predicated on the existence of digital platforms that solicit data labor from crowds of workers. These data-related “micro-tasks” are standardized, fragmented and little paid. Our research contributes to answering this question in the case of France, where the phenomenon of micro-work challenges the country’s traditionally strong commitment to social welfare and high employment protection.
We use data from an extensive survey on French micro-workers, including a detailed assessment of their economic, human, and social capital. We use online surveys and in-depth interviews to gain insight into their social position, work activity, and future perspectives. We show that low-income and inactive individuals are over-represented in this population, despite the high educational qualifications of a majority of them and a distribution of social capital that is broadly similar to the general population. Different groups stand out and apparent inconsistencies point towards an unbalanced social capital and downward life trajectories.
Organizers :
Jeanne GANAULT, Céline GOFFETTE, Sébastien MICHIELS, Sander WAGNER (Laboratoire de sociologie quantitative – CREST)
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