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CANCELLED Anette FASANG (Humbolt-University Berlin) – "How do welfare states shape social inequality in work-family life courses ? "

March 5, 2020 @ 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm

The Sociology Seminar: Thursdays

Time: 12:00 pm – 1:15 pm
Date: 5th of Mars 2020
Place: Room 3105, ENSAE.
Anette FASANG (Humbolt-University Berlin) –How do welfare states shape social inequality in work-family life courses ?
Abstract : Life course experiences over extended periods of time are an important marker of social inequality. Looking back, we evaluate life as a whole, putting single events in the context of others. This paper analyses social inequality in life courses comparing parallel work and family lives from ages 21 to 40 in four countries representing the liberal (United Kingdom), conservative corporatist (Germany), and the Nordic social democratic (Denmark and Finland) welfare state models. Micro theories on stratified choices in young adulthood are combined with theories of the welfare state to derive hypotheses on cross-national differences in gendered life courses. Specifically, we focus on the formative impact of national mobility regimes that affect both the rate of life course events and their socio-economic consequences. The analysis uses high quality longitudinal register and survey data with multichannel sequence and cluster analyses, and regression methods. Findings reveal remarkable cross-national similarity in high earning life courses: continuing education leading directly into stable high-earning employment coupled with normative family lives of childbearing within marriage. Men are far more likely to experience the most privileged life courses in all comparison countries. In contrast, socio-economically disadvantaged life courses and the extent to which they are gendered remain highly country-specific in line with national mobility regimes. We conclude that the most resourceful young adults realize normative life courses that signify an accumulation of advantage in both work and family lives over time irrespective of national contexts.
Organizers :
Jeanne GANAULT, Céline GOFFETTE, Sébastien MICHIELS, Sander WAGNER (Laboratoire de sociologie quantitative – CREST)
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