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Sivaraman BALAKRISHNAN (Carnegie Mellon University) – “On computationally-efficient robust and non-convex estimation”

Edgard PREUGSCHAT (Dortmunt University) – “Low Homeownership in Germany- A Quantitative Exploration”

Brit GROSSKOPF (University of Exeter) – “More Meat for Boys: Evidence of Gender Based Statistical Discrimination in British Carvery Restaurants “

Simon ANDERSON (University of Virginia) – “Demand for privacy, selling consumer information, and consumer hiding vs. opt-out” joint with N. Larson, M. Sanchez, and A. Urbano

Emilie Sartre (CREST-ENSAE) – “Financial Crisis and Electoral Effects: Evidence from French Municipalities”

Jennifer LA’O (Columbia University) – “Optimal Monetary Policy with Informational Frictions”


Sumiya KAZUHIKO (Aarhus) – “Accumulating Effects of Income Taxes on Wages: Micro Evidence from Denmark”.

Huyên PHAM (Université Paris Diderot & CREST) – “Portfolio Diversification and Model Uncertainty: a Robust Dynamic Mean-Variance Approach”

Claire Montialoux (CREST) – “Minimum Wages and Racial Inequality”, joint work with Ellora Derenoncourt (Harvard)

Julien MONARDO (CREST) – “Demand Models for Differentiated Products with Complementarity and Substitutability” joint with M. Fosgerau and A. de Palma

Andy ZAPECHELNYUK (University of St Andrews) – “Persuasion Meets Delegation”


Jeremy Heng (Harvard University) – “Controlled sequential Monte Carlo”

Fabien Perez (CREST-ENSAE) – “Self-Selection into Strategic Environments”

Tomasz MICHALSKI (HEC) “Financial Constraints and Propagation of Shocks in Production Networks”

Alex TETENOV (University of Bristol) – “An Economic Theory of Statistical Testing”

Stefanie STANTCHEVA (Harvard University) – “Dancing with the Stars: Innovation through Interactions” joint with U. Akcigit, S. Caicedo, E. Miguelez and V. Sterzi

Stephane BONHOMME (University of Chicago) – “Minimizing Sensitivity to Model Misspecification” joint with Martin WEIDNER

[Environment session] – Pierre COURTOIS (CEE-M) – “A Tale of Two Diversities” joint with C. Figuieres and C. Mulier


Mihai Cucuringu (Oxford University) – “Laplacian-based methods for ranking and constrained clustering”

Lorenz GOETTE (University of Bonn) – “The Behavioural Mechanisms of Habit Formation:Evidence from a Field Experiment on Water Conservation”

Felix TROPF (University of Oxford) – “Using genetic data for social science research”

Glenn ELLISON (MIT) – “The Efficiency of Race-Neutral Alternatives to Race-Based Affirmative Action: Evidence from Chicago’s Exam Schools” joint with Parag A. Pathaky

Dingeman WIERTZ (University of Oxford) – “Civic Inequalities across the United States : Civic Deserts, Civic Hotspots, and Their Persistence over Time”

Paolo SANTUCCI DE MAGISTRIS (Aarhus BSS) “Resuscitating the co-fractional model of Granger (1986)”.

Rasmus Søndergaard PEDERSEN (University of Copenhagen) “Testing GARCH-X type models”.

Steven BERRY (Yale University) – “An Instrumental Variable Approach to Dynamic Models” joint with G. Compiani


Sébastien MITRAILLE (Toulouse Business School) – “Outsource (some of) what you do best, to better outsource the rest” joint with Christophe Bernard

Emtiyaz Khan (Riken, Tokyo) – “Fast yet Simple Natural-Gradient Variational Inference”

Louis-Daniel Pape (CREST) – “Freemium in Digital Markets: Evidence from an Online Game”

Tomas JAGELKA (CREST) – “The Effect of Consumer Reviews on Demand: Evidence from Amazon”

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