Sociologists at CREST use empirical data and quantitative methods to study questions of stratification and social inequality. We have a strong expertise in statistical methodology and a rich practice with national and international datasets. Our current work addresses questions of social mobility and inequality; demography, gender and the family; consumption and spending; lifestyles and cultural practices; environmental attitudes and actions; social networks; economic sociology; migration and immigration; health inequalities. Our monthly research seminar brings together French and international scholars and we have a proactive visiting scholar policy. Our faculty is also invested in the training of future quantitative sociologists. We teach courses in the ENSAE curriculum and in the Master program in Quantitative Sociology and Demography. We have a dynamic group of doctoral students who participate actively in the daily life and research activities of the department.

Area Name Phone Office Location Group
Sociology Céline GOFFETTE +33 (0)1 70 26 67 86 4008 Palaiseau Socio.
Sociology Ivaylo PETEV +33 (0)1 70 26 68 86 4016 Palaiseau Socio.
Sociology Nicolas ROBETTE +33 (0)1 70 26 67 18 4010 Palaiseau Socio.
Sociology Sorana TOMA +33 (0)1 70 26 68 95 4012 Palaiseau Socio.
Sociology Sander WAGNER +33 (0)1 70 26 68 99 4014 Palaiseau Socio.
Area Name Group
Sociology Milan BOUCHET-VALAT Socio.
Sociology Mathieu FERRY Socio.
Sociology Jeanne GANAULT Socio.
Sociology Maël GINSBURGER Socio.
Sociology Marine HADDAD Socio.
Sociology Camille MARTIN Socio.
Sociology Marion PLAULT Socio.
Sociology Lucas TRANCHANT Socio.
Sociology Pauline​ VALLOT Socio.
Sociology Arnaud VENDEUR Socio.
Area Name Group
Sociology Julien GROS Socio.
Sociology Pierre BLAVIER Socio.
Area Name Group
Sociology Fanny BUGEJA-BLOCH Socio.
Sociology Marie-Paule COUTO Socio.
Sociology Yoann DEMOLI Socio.
Sociology Julien DUVAL Socio.
Sociology Dominique GOUX Socio.
Sociology Danièle GUILLEMOT Socio.
Sociology Yannick LEMEL Socio.
Sociology Sophie PONTHIEUX Socio.
Sociology Mirna SAFI Socio.
Sociology Rémi SINTHON Socio.
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