CREST researchers benefit from the competitive grants of leading international and national public agencies, among which the European Research Council (ERC) and the French National Agency of Research (ANR):

TRADENET – ERC Starting Grant “Firm-to-Firm Trade Networks” led by Isabelle Méjean

FIRMNET – ERC Advanced Grant “Firms and Their Networks” led by Francis Kramarz

WINnERS/ARISE – ClimateKIC Grant “Agriculture Resilient, Inclusive, and Sustainable Enterprise” led by Pierre Picard

ADDS – ANR Grant “Algorithms for Multi-Dimensional Data via Sketches” led by Victor-Emmanuel Brunel

MIDDLECLASS – ANR Grant “Middle Classes, Taxation and Democracy in a Globalized World” led by Pierre Boyer

BOLD – ANR Grant “Beyond Online Learning for better Decision making” led by Vianney Perchet

FIRE – ANR Grant “FInancial and REal interdependencies: volatility, international openness and economic policies” led by Stéphane Auray

HIDITSA – ANR Grant “High-Dimensional Time Series Analysis” led by Cristina Butucea

LICODYN – ANR Grant “Trade Liberalization and Exporter Dynamics” led by Gregory Corcos

LMCM – ANR Grant “Labour Market Consequences of Motherhood” led by Ivaylo Petev and Sander Wagner

OTELO – ANR Grant “On Treatment Effects estimation using LOngitudinal data” led by Xavier D’Haultfoeuille

B3DCMB – ANR Grant “Big Bang from Big Data (of the cosmic microwave background)” led by Nicolas Chopin

STIS – ANR Grant “Social Transformation in South African Science and Innovation” led by Jacques Mairesse

MOBILISE – ANR Grant “Determinants of ‘Mobilisation’ at Home and Abroad: Analysing the Micro-Foundations of Out-Migration & Mass Protest” led by Sorana Toma and Ivaylo Petev

TRAXEV – ANR Grant “Tax reforms and revolts in democracies” led by Pierre Boyer

SECRAET – ADEME Grant “Scenario-based Climate Risk Analysis for Energy Transition” led by Peter Tankov

TailRisk – AXA Grant “Tail risk management and mitigation using innovative extreme value techniques” led by Gilles Stupfler

Research activities at CREST benefit from public and private sector sponsorship.

There are currently seventeen full-time PhD contracts in the framework of French CIFRE fellowships of public-private partnerships with the following companies:

Research Chairs underwrite the following innovative research projects: