CREST is a proudly international and unique center for scientific research at the cross-section of economics, finance, quantitative sociology and statistics with an ambitious graduate program in each discipline at the Master and PhD levels. 

Our primary location is in the ENSAE Paris building on the Palaiseau campus of Institut Polytechnique de Paris in the outskirts of the French capital with a secondary location on the Bruz campus of ENSAI in the outskirts of the city of Rennes.

CREST recruits at the international and French job markets in each of its four disciplines. We offer competitive conditions for positions at the Postdoctoral, Assistant and Associate Professor levels. 

Every year CREST promotes and supports a line-up of highly trained and ambitious doctoral candidates able to compete for the premium academic, public and private sector positions.


Gregory Corcos (Hiring Committee Coordinator)
Arne Uhlendorff (Hiring Committee Coordinator)
Francis Kramarz (Job Placement Coordinator)

Jean-David Fermanian

Ivaylo Petev

Assistant, Associate and Full Professorships


Postdoctoral Fellowships


Doctoral Fellowships


Administrative Positions

Discover the 2021-22 CREST Job Market Candidates


Development and Experimental Economics
JMP : Improving the Perception of the Police by the Youth
Empirical Industrial Organization and Structural Demand Estimation
JMP : Measuring Substitution Patterns with a Flexible Demand Model
Macroeconomics and Public Finance
JMP : No Regret Fiscal Reforms


Congratulations to our 2022 job market candidates and best of luck in their new academic positions:

Julien Monardo (Assistant Professor, Bristol U.)

Pierre-Edouard Collignon (Assistant Professor, Laval, Canada)

Gwenn-Jiro Clochard (Post-doc University of Chicago then Assistant Professor, Osaka, Japan)

Antoine Ferey (Assistant Professor, Ludwig Maximilian U., Münich)
Bérengère Patault (Assistant Professor, U. of Amsterdam)
Emilie Sartre (post-doc, Brown U.); Jérémy Hervelin (post-doc, Cergy-Pontoise U.)

Clémence Tricaud (Assistant Professor, UCLA, Anderson)
Ao Wang (Assistant Professor, U. of Warwick)
Anasuya Raj (Assistant Professor, Ludwig Maximilian University, Münich after post-doc at University of Zürich)
Alfonso Montes (Post-Doc at Thema, Cergy-Pontoise University)
Antoine Bertheau (Post-doc at Copenhagen University)
Yannick Guyonvarch (Post-doc at Telecom-Paris)

Claire Montialoux (Assistant Professor, School of Public Policy, UC Berkeley)
Tomas Jagelka (Post-doc, Bonn)
Reda Aboutadjine (Young Professional Program (YPP), World Bank)

Daphné Skandalis (Economist, Fed New York)
Alicia Marguerie (YPP, World Bank)
Victor Lyonnet (Assistant Professor, Ohio State)
Hugo Molina (Post-doc, KU Leuven, CR INRA October 2019)
Julie Pernaudet (Post-doc, Chicago)
Sandra Nevoux (Economist, Banque de France)
Sebastian Franco-Bedoya (economist, World Bank)

Jeanne Commault (Post-doc EUI, now Assistant Professor, SciencesPo)
Robert Somogyi (Post-doc CORE, now Assistant Professor, Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
Arnaud Goussebaille (Post-doc, ETH Zurich)


A selection of previous years’ PhD students who received a CREST scholarship and did their PhD time at CREST:
Pauline Rossi (2016, Assistant Professor, University of Amsterdam, now tenured)
Thomas Le Barbanchon (2015, Assistant Professor, Bocconi, now Associate Professor with tenure, received an ERC starting grant)
Arnaud Philippe (2015, Post-doc IAST-TSE, 2018 Assistant Professor, Bristol)
Antonin Macé (2014, Assistant Professor, Aix-Marseille, 2015 CR CNRS AMSE, now PSE)
Rafael Treibich (2014, Assistant Professor, University of Southern Denmark, now Associate Professor)
Roland Rathelot (2014, Assistant Professor, Warwick, now Associate Professor with tenure)
Jordan Roulleau-Pasdeloup (2013, Post-doc Lausanne, now Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore)
Isis Durrmeyer (2012, Post-doc Mannheim, now Assistant Professor TSE, just received an ERC starting grant)
Sophie Osotimehin (2012, Assistant Professor, University of Virginia, now at UQAM)
Arnaud Maurel (2011, Assistant Professor, Duke)
And not to mention Stéphane Bonhomme (2005, Professor Chicago).