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Research Assistant CREST – ERC TRADENET

Job details:

Starting date: September 2019 at the latest

One-year fixed term contract

Location: Palaiseau, France

About CREST: CREST is a joint research center gathering the faculty members of ENSAE and Ecole Polytechnique, Economics Department. Members conduct research in Economics, Finance, Statistics, and Sociology. It is located on the campus of Ecole Polytechnique, in Palaiseau, 20km South of Paris. More information can be found here

About TRADENET: TRADENET is a research project financed by the European Research Council with Isabelle Mejean as the principle investigator. It undertakes research into the structure of firm-to-firm trade networks and its consequences for various aggregate outcomes. The increasing fragmentation of production processes at the international level has created large networks of firms located in various countries. The project exploits highly disaggregated firm-to-firm trade data combined with models of endogenous trade networks to study the structure of these networks. A particular focus concerns the consequences that these microeconomic structures have for the international diffusion of shocks.

Your task: The research assistant conducts research-related tasks under Isabelle Mejean’s supervision. A lot of these tasks are related to empirical research projects using large firm-level datasets. The research assistant will thus have the opportunity to be granted access to these confidential data and acquire experience on cleaning the data, merging various firm-level datasets, conducting regression analysis based on such large datasets, etc. The research assistant is integrated within the group of PhD students at CREST, is allowed to participate to research seminars and can eventually take some classes in the PhD program at CREST (conditional on the approval of his/her supervisor). The research assistant can also be asked to help with the organization of research events such as workshops financed by the ERC grant. Such tasks are however limited and concentrated on a few days over the whole year.

What we are looking for:

– You hold a Master’s degree in Economics or an equivalent degree.

– You have a strong motivation for conducting research in social sciences. The position could for example suits well to master students that contemplate enrolling into a PhD Program in Economics – You are interested in International Economics – You are interested in both empirical and theoretical work – You have a strong taste for data work with a good knowledge of the softwares most commonly used in Economics (Stata and Matlab)

– You have excellent didactic and communication skills in English, both orally and written. Speaking French is not necessary.

What we can offer:

– We offer a one-year appointment, the contract being signed with Ecole Polytechnique (thus opening rights to amenities offered to Ecole Polytechnique’s employees)

– Your appointment will start on September 1st, 2019. Earlier appointment is also possible.

– Your remuneration will be determined according to Ecole Polytechnique’s salary scale for research employees


Apply online by sending the following documents at

– Application letter

– CV

– Transcript of the required degree

For further information, emails can be addressed to

See announcement in PDF here