Assistant/Associate Professor position in Econometrics/Applied Econometrics at Hi! Paris (ENSAE Paris/IP Paris)

Presentation and context of the institution

The Institut Polytechnique de Paris (IP Paris), legally created in May 2019, brings together five Grandes Ecoles: the École Polytechnique, ENSTA Paris, ENSAE Paris (a GENES school), Télécom Paris and Télécom SudParis (two IMT schools). This grouping of five institutions of excellence within the Institut Polytechnique de Paris deliberately places itself in an international ap-proach to higher education and research. IP Paris’ ambition is to train 10,000 students by 2022.

It enables these Schools to combine their strengths, to amplify their existing cooperative actions and to gain in visibility, especially internationally, by capitalizing on their assets and by carrying out a transformation that will position the Institut Polytechnique de Paris according to interna-tional standards. Gathered on the same campus, these Schools have tremendous potential, ena-bling them to leverage their strengths to implement joint projects.

Hi! PARIS ( created jointly by HEC Paris and the Institut Polytech-nique de Paris (IP Paris), Hi! Paris is a new interdisciplinary research and teaching center dedi-cated to AI and Data Sciences. Hi! Paris, the first European interdisciplinary and inter-institutional center combining education, research and innovation, aims to become a world leader in the field within 5 years by addressing the main challenges of technological transformation and its impact on business and society. The Center will rely on the 300 researchers and the infrastruc-tures of IP Paris and HEC Paris in these fields. It is a continuation of an intense dynamic collab-oration between the two institutions, which already share a common doctoral school and master’s degrees. It is entirely financed by corporate sponsors mobilized around the two academic institu-tions. A unique space for breakthroughs, training and innovation, technology development and transfer, Hi! Paris will be active in key application areas such as energy and environment, de-fense and security, health, retail and luxury goods, telecoms, food, finance and insurance… By strengthening the collaboration between IP Paris and HEC Paris, and by capitalizing on their expertise covering a broad academic spectrum, Hi! Paris will have a powerful impact on a Euro-pean and global scale in terms of data-IA research and training (engineers, managers, young re-searchers, continuing education), resources that are today indispensable to companies and labora-tories, both public and private.

ENSAE Paris and IP Paris welcome applications for a tenure track position as Assistant Profes-sor or tenured position as Associate Professor in Econometrics (theory and applications) to begin in September 2021. With a main focus on the identification of causal effects, its methods and its applications, the successful candidate will be affiliated to CREST ( The position comes with a substantial recruitment package.

Work description

The primary focus is research on advanced methods for the identification of causal effects, both in its theoretical and applied dimensions, as a part of the “AI and Data Sciences for Society” area of Hi! Paris. The successful candidate will have demonstrated leadership and research accomplishments in Econometrics, both in its theoretical and applied components, including but not limited to the following research areas: econometric and statistical methods for the evaluation of public policies, econometrics for randomized experiments, causality, as well as applications in particular to health-related questions.

A main criterion for employment is a strong commitment to research and teaching. The position requires a Ph.D. in Economics with a specialization in Econometrics. The candidate must have evidence of strong research productivity in the aforementioned fields. The successful candidate will have an important role and large freedom in developing the area of causal inference, both in research and in undergraduate and graduate education. The candidate is also expected to develop collaboration across institutional boundaries inside and outside the university IP Paris and within Hi! Paris.

The position includes a substantial recruitment package including salary, research budget, PhD grant, amounting to a maximum of 250 000 € per year for an assistant professor and 350 000€ per year for an associate professor.

Hi! Paris aims to increase the proportion of women in research and teaching and therefore expressly invites qualified female scientists to apply.

Applicants are kindly requested to send the following documents combined in a single PDF file to the address

  1. Cover letter
  2. Curriculum vitae
  3. Research statement
  4. Teaching statement
  5. List of three referees

The deadline for applications is March 1st, 2021.

Contact persons

Francis Kramarz, director of research GENES/ENSAE:

Arnak Dalalyan, director of CREST: