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Romain RANCIERE (USC ) – “T.B.A.”

Steffen ALTMANN (University of Copenhagen) – “Defaults and Donations: Evidence from a Field Experiment “

Anasuya RAJ (CREST) – “On the political economy of the income-tax threshold” joint with Pierre Boyer

Gwen-Jiro Clochard (CREST-Polytechnique) – “Africa’s Growth Tragedy: 20 Years On”

Facundo PIGUILLEM (Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance) – “Fiscal Rules as Bargaining Chips” joint with Alessandro Riboni


Caterina CALSAMIGLIA (CEMFI-Barcelona GSE) – “Structural Estimation of a Model of School Choices : the Boston Mechanism vs. Its Alternatives “

Nobuyuki HANAKI (Nice Sophia Antipolis University) – “A Quantitative Easing Experiment” joint with A. Penalver, E. Akiyama, Y. Funaki, R. Ishikawa

Angelika Rohde (University of Freiburg) – “Geometrizing rates of convergence under privacy constraints “

Pierpaolo BENIGNO (LUISS and EIEF) – “Private Money Creation and Equilibrium Liquidity” joint with Roberto ROBATTO

Environment session – Timo GOESCHL (Universität Heidelberg) – “Cold Case: The forensic economics of energy efficiency labels on domestic refrigeration appliances”

Cheng MAO (MIT) – “Breaking the n^{-1/2} barrier for permutation-based ranking models “


Léonardo MARTINEZ (IMF ) – “Fiscal Rules and the Sovereign Default Premium”, joint with Juan Carlos Hatchondo and Francisco Roch.

GONCALO DOS REIS (University of Edinburgh) – “Mean field and N-Agent games for optimal investment under relative performance concerns and forward-utilities”

Roxana DUMITRESCU (King’s College London) – “On E^g-pricing of American options in complete and incomplete markets with default”

José De Sousa (RITM-U. Paris-Sud) – “Trickle Down Affirmative Action: A Case Study in Chess”, joint with Muriel Niederle (Stanford)

Clémence TRICAUD (CREST) – “Rankings matter even when they shouldn’t: bandwagon effects in two-round elections” joint with Vincent Pons

Esther DUFLO (MIT; NBER; J-PAL) – “Using gossips to spread information: Theory and Evidence from Two Randomized Controlled Trials ” joint with Abhijit BANERJEE, Arun G. CHANDRASEKHAR and Matthew O. JACKSON

CANCELED : Henning HILLMANN ( University of Mannheim) – “Careers and Cohesion in Economic Networks”

Aicha Ben Dhia (MIT) – “Improving vocational training for jobseekers: the impact of information and competition on training provider effectiveness.” joint with Louise Paul-Delvaux (Harvard)

Jose OLMO (University of Southampton) “Tests of Asset Pricing with Time-Varying Factor Loads”.

[Environment session] Hélène OLLIVIER (PSE) – “Trade-Induced Spillovers from Natural Disasters” joint with Geoffrey Barrows & Raphael Calel

Eric KOLACZYK (University of Boston) – “Dynamic Networks with Multi-scale Temporal Structure “


Laila Aït Bihi Ouali (GREQAM-AMSE) – “Top income tax evasion and preferences for redistribution – Evidence from the Panama Papers”


Tomas Jagelka (Crest-Polytechnique) – “Separating Economists’ Preferences and Psychologists’ Personality Traits”


Préparation Conférence de l’AFSE (Reda Aboutajdine)


Émeric HENRY (Sciences Po) – “Approval Regulation, Liability and Withdrawal: Balancing Ex Ante Experimentation and Ex Post Learning” joint with Marco Loseto and Marc Ottaviani

Préparation Conférence de l’AFSE (Ivan Ouss et Clémence Lenoir)

Bård HARSTAD (University of Oslo) – “Pledge-and-Review Bargaining”

Quentin F. GRONAU (University of Amsterdam) – “Bayesian Model Comparison for Hierarchical Multinomial Processing Tree Models using Warp-III Bridge Sampling”

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