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Geoffrey CHINOT (CREST) – “ERM and RERM are tractable and optimal estimators in the ε-contamination model”

Rémi Avignon – “Buying Groups and Product Variety”

Pablo WINANT (PSE) “Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Computational Economists Any Time Soon?”

Kris JACOBS (University of Houston) “Estimation and Filtering with Big Option Data : Implications for Asset Pricing”

Julia CAGÉ (Sciences Po Paris) – “It Takes Money to Make MPs : New Evidence from 150 Years of British Campaign Spending”

Carol Propper (Imperial) – “The Impact of CEOs in the Public Sector: Evidence from the English NHS”


Ilias DIAKONIKOLAS (University of Southern California) – “Algorithmic Questions in Robust High-Dimensional Statistics”

Morgane Cure – “Price determinants and the effect of price parity in the hotel industry”

Russel COOPER (European University Institute) “MPC Heterogeneity in Europe: Sources and Policy Implications “

Chris MURIS (University of Bristol) – “Binarization for Panel Models with Fixed Effects”

Anasuya Raj (CREST) – “Optimal income taxation in the presence of networks of altruism”

Pierre-Edouard Collignon (CREST): “When is a life worth living ? A dynastic efficiency criterion for fertility decisions”


Sander WAGNER (CREST) – “The Cost of Terror”

Guillaume ROCHETEAU (University of California at Irvine) “Money mining and price dynamics “

Larry Samuelson (Yale) – “The Wisdom of a Confused Crowd: Model-Based Inference”


John Rust (Georgetown) – “Has dynamic programming improved decision making?”


David Benatia – “Strategic Reneging in Sequential Imperfect Markets”

Pascal MICHAILLAT (Brown University) “Resolving New Keynesian Anomalies with Wealth in the Utility Function”

Attila LINDNER (University College London) – “Technological Change and Skill Demand in Non-Competitive Labor Markets”

Rossa O’Keeffe – O’Donovan (Oxford) – “Water, Spillovers and Free Riding: Provision of Local Public Goods in a Spatial Network”

Ostap OKHRIN (Dresden University of Technology, Germany) “Stochastic Volatility with Jump Models: Moments, Simulation, and Estimation”

Iryna OKHRIN (Dresden University of Technology, Germany) “On LASSO-GARCH Approach”

Thomas GRUND (University College Dublin) – “Public Denunciation and the Limits of Scandal”

Johan VIKSTROM (Uppsala University) – “Caseworkers – do they matter, why, and for whom? Exploring caseworker value-added using random variation”


Zheng Tracy KE (Harvard University) – “Optimal Adaptivity of Signed-Polygon Statistics for Network Testing”

Jonas PETERS (University of Copenhagen) – “The Impossibility of Conditional Independence Testing and Causality in Dynamical Systems”

Morgane Guignard – “How Innovation Affects Bargaining and Profit Sharing ? Evidence from the Margarine Market”

Gregory VERDUGO (Université d’Evry Val d’Essonne) – “The Political Economy of Public Housing”

Frederic Koessler (PSE) – “Long Information Design “

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